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A social media viral campaign has sprung up in the Arab world that involves burning the Isis flag.

The trend started after three Lebanese youths posted pictures of them burning the flag associated with the militant group, also known as Islamic State, in the middle of Sassine Square in Beirut.

Soon afterwards, a Lebanese YouTube user uploaded a video of himself burning a flag. Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in which people choose others to their do own videos, the user nominated “the whole world ” to take part in the #BurnISISFlagChallenge.

The campaign soon went viral, especially in Lebanon following the beheading of one of the country’s soldiers by IS.

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So I thought I’d open up a thread discussing why SJW’s are growing more influential.

From what I’ve seen there are a lot of people- like myself- that are extremely unhappy with the direction in which our Western culture is moving. Free speech is becoming less and less protected, being replaced with ‘freedom from offense’.

Why is this happening? I can put forward three reasons. Firstly, the ideology of the SJW (do as you wish, so long as it is approved of by other SJW’s) is essentially a free pass to indulge yourself in whatever you wish to. Traditional conservative ideology would hold that you have a social responsibility to those around you, and should consider the effect that your actions might have. SJW’s promote a perverted version of this wherein the responsibility runs only one way: you must tolerate those who behave in a way that is offensive to the fabric of your community, but criticism that offends those groups is not permitted. This is extremely appealing to certain groups:

Point two: Who the SJW’s are. It’s no coincidence that Tumblr users are the richest of any social network. The ‘Social Justice’ cause is the latest excuse for hedonism amongst the worlds wealthy. The rich always grow bored of ‘vanilla’ pleasures and turn to ever more exotic perversions. The problem is that with social acceptance of forms of behaviour previously thought of as perverse, the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable has been irrevocably damaged. SJW’s are essentially spoiled rich kids pushing to be able to do the sort of thing they like in private in public.

The reason this ideology is dangerous follows on from point 2: why these people are rich. They’re the inheritors of todays media empires, the sons and daughters of publishers and website owners who have the ability to push their chosen agenda forwards.

The reason they are so successful is that they divide humanity into little groups: You are no longer a person, you are a combination of your features.

You are a (gender)(orientation)(ethnicity). So a black gay woman, or a white cis man. By carving minorities into ever smaller groups they leverage a sense of shared experience and identity amongst these people into political unity.

The way they do this is by concentrating on legitimate problems that these groups face and then offering a ‘solution’ that does correct these issues but also significantly advances their own cause- the ability to do and say what they want without fear of reprisal or judgement.

This has proved extremely effective in fourth wave feminism, which has effectively silenced mainstream dissent in the media. It now functions as a way in which rich, white upper class women can get into the top jobs. The black girl cleaning tables is in the same position she was 14 years ago: the major battles were already won back then.

This has led to excessive concentration on the issues facing women at the expense of lower class men. Because when it comes down to it, fifth wave feminism and the SJW movement are another manifestation of class warfare.

Mens rights activists are often criticised for ‘seeking power when men hold all the positions of authority’ but this fundamentally misunderstands what they want: control over their own lives.

For the elites of this world this trend is incredibly problematic; when the majority want freedom and ask for it, they will take it by force if it is not granted. By portraying MRA’s as misogynists, by portraying ‘cis white men’ as oppressors, ‘whites’ as oppressors and ‘straights’ as victimisers of lgbt people, they keep the populace divided and docile.

Those who belong to any of the delineated minorities will continue to push the cause handed down to them without benefitting, because all they are doing is advancing the prospects of those who are already wealthy.

And I am sick of it.


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